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Virtual Reality for Businesses


Chimera VR offers a range of virtual reality entertainment services for businesses looking to offer unique and engaging experiences for their employees or clients. Our services include:

  1. Team building: We provide a variety of VR experiences that can encourage team bonding and collaboration, such as virtual escape rooms and multiplayer games.

  2. Product demos: Our interactive and immersive VR experiences can help businesses showcase their products in a memorable and impactful way.

  3. Training and education: We offer VR simulations and interactive experiences that can help employees learn and practice skills in a safe and controlled environment, leading to better performance on the job.

  4. Entertainment and events: We can provide customized VR entertainment for corporate events, trade shows, and other business gatherings, including VR arcades and branded experiences. These experiences can also attract people to booths and increase foot traffic at fairs and events.


With the growing popularity of VR technology, Chimera VR is at the forefront of providing exciting and innovative VR entertainment services to businesses of all sizes.

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